How to Choose Cabinet Hardware

So, you’re jazzing up your kitchen or bathroom. Awesome! Now, let’s chat about the small but mighty heroes of the scene – cabinet hardware. It’s not just about handles and knobs; it’s about giving your place some personality. Let’s break it down in simple terms so you can rock your cabinet game.

1. Matchy-Matchy: Go with What You Like

Think about your place. Is it more modern or classic? Match your cabinet stuff to that vibe. Grab some simple handles if you’re into a clean, modern look. If you’re feeling fancy, go for cool knobs. Or if you want a transitional, comfortable look, do both. It’s like dressing up your cabinets to fit the style of your home.

2. Metal Talk: What’s It Made Of?

Cabinet stuff comes in different metals and finishes. Stainless steel is strong and modern. Brass is warm and a bit old-school. Chrome is shiny and timeless. Polished Nickel is classy and elegant. And there are many more shades and tones of finishes to perfectly match your space. Pick the one that feels right and looks good with your kitchen or bathroom stuff, like your new faucet or your old toaster!

3. Easy to Use: Don’t Forget About Comfort

You’re going to touch these handles and knobs a lot, especially in the kitchen. So, make sure they feel good in your hands. Get stuff that’s comfy to use. It’s like having a good handshake with your cabinets every day.

4. Mix It Up: Try Different Shapes and Sizes

You don’t have to stick to one style. Mix it up! Use big handles with small knobs. It’s like making your cabinets wear different accessories. It looks cool and shows off your personality.

5. Size Sense: Make Sure It Fits

Check the size of your cabinets before you pick the handles and knobs. Generally, big cabinets need bigger stuff, and small cabinets look good with smaller things. Or sometimes bigger is just more dramatic. It’s like making sure your shoes fit – no one likes a clumsy cabinet.

6. Get Good Quality Without Breaking the Bank

Choosing cabinet hardware doesn’t have to break the bank. Look for the handles and knobs that get the job done and fit your budget, like finding a deal on your favorite snacks!

Unlock Your Style

Cabinet details matter, so pick what you like, ensure it feels good, and mix it up to make your place look awesome. We can help you make easy and stylish cabinet hardware selections for a home that truly reflects your taste! Call us now and let our design consultants help you add the finishing touches to your kitchen or bath.